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Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library, anybody found with food, drinks and any type of cigarettes and drugs will be fined or punished or even barred from the library, or such a person may be reported to the relevant authority.

Bags, jackets, coats, any type of blankets, hats and all type of overalls including dust coats and any other type are not allowed in the library. All personal items must be left at the baggage control area. No responsibility will be accepted for missing items.  (Users are advised not to bring valuable items in the library).

The use of cell phones is not allowed in the library. All cell phones and beepers must be switched off at all times in the library. This applies to everybody including LP staff members. Anybody found using any type of equipment which causes disturbances in the library shall be charged as appropriate.

Noise is not allowed at any time in the library. Therefore Discussions are not permitted. All library users are expected to respect the needs of other users by maintaining silence in the library at all times. Any person found making noise or causing disturbance in the library, will be asked to move out of the library without notice and will be suspended from the library.

Pages, book pockets, barcodes, Date sheets or any other item in a book should not be removed. Removal of such items from any library document will be taken as theft and damage to library property and shall be dealt with accordingly.

Theft or Attempted theft – No item shall be removed from the library without it being properly issued. Library Staff may impose any form of punishment or a spot fine, or may present such a case to the librarian or to the relevant authority upon any person believed to have caused deliberate damage to, or stolen and/or attempted to steal library property. (Please refer to your student handbook).

Fraud has legal implications and is considered to be a very serious offence in this library and shall be dealt with accordingly. These include exchanging of students identification cards.

Misconduct – All users of this library are expected to respect library staff and other library users.  Disrespect of staff, disturbances, vulgar languages and misbehaviour shall not be tolerated and shall be dealt with accordingly. Students who commit the above mentioned misbehaviour shall be charged and banned from using the library.

Writing on library books, walls, tables, chairs & toilets is not permitted in the library.
No person is allowed to have more than the stipulated library items.
Users are not allowed to re-shelve books in the library.
Damage and Vandalism of library property is a criminal offence and shall be dealt with accordingly. Borrowers are expected to return all library property in good repair or they shall be required to reimburse the library for the replacement cost. Damaged property should be shown to the library staff before it is borrowed (Please refer to your student handbook).    
Activating the security system is a serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly. (Please refer to your student handbook) Any person activating the machine will be expected to fill the form from the Security Officer at all times and shall be dealt with accordingly.
CCTV Search system – the library is not obliged to assist on personal lost items within this library, noting rule 3.2 above, no responsibility shall be accepted for any missing items. The library may or may not allow requests for CCTV searching and searching may be charged depending on the period the item is suspected to have been stolen. Students who shall be found with stolen items shall be charged market price and to return that item. Depending on the circumstances, the culprit may be taken for disciplinary hearing or taken to the police.
All are expected to abide by these rules and regulation. Serious steps will be taken against those who do not follow these rules.