60 LMPS Officers enroll with Lerotholi Polytechnic

“It is, nowadays, mandatory for the Police to know and be able to use computers in execution of their daily duties”.

This was emphasised by the Commissioner of Police at the official welcoming ceremony of 60 LMPS Officers at Lerotholi Polytechnic on Monday 5th November 2018.

The Commissioner said, had it not been because of the funders, LNIG and Nedbank, inception of this training would have not been possible. He encouraged the Police to consider this as a lifetime opportunity which they should cherish.

In his address, the Commissioner of Police also applauded Lerotholi Polytechnic for having initiated IT training for the LMPS, indicating that unlike in the past when the only relationship that the two institutions had was when there was crisis (ill-treatment of students by others), this time they have embarked on a different journey towards a positive goal.

The Honorable Minister of Police, Mrs Mampho Mokhele thanked Nedbank and LNIG, for having funded this training. And to the trainees, she said it is their opportunity to shine as Police Officers and should behave as such for the course of their training with Lerotholi Polytechnic.

Meanwhile the Rector of Lerotholi Polytechnic Professor Tlali Sepiriti welcomed the trainees and indicated that the institution will do all in its power to ensure quality education for the officers for the betterment of this country.

The training was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Honorable Mothepu Mahapa. Among the 60 Officers,20 candidates enrolled in Computer Literacy studies, 20 for Advanced Computer Literacy and 20 for Cyber Security and will be completed as a year course.