After long credit hours, 70 LMPS Officers were finally crowned certificates in Computer Literacy, Advanced Computer and Cyber Security Essentials respectfully at Lerotholi Polytechnic on 7th March 2019.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony Commissioner of Police, Holomo Molibeli, indicated that the training will go a long way in changing the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) mindset towards crime in Lesotho. He said in modern days, cybercrime has increased dramatically and through the skills in computer and cyber security the LMPS will now be able to investigate and prevent such crimes.He therefore commended Lerotholi Polytechnic for instilling such skills in the LMPS, where it is most necessary.

On the same note, the Principal Secretary Ministry of Police, Mr Matela Thabane, said the LMPS has been faced with cyber security crimes for some time and relieved that they are finally getting closer to eradicating the crime.He also pleaded with the graduands to share the skills with their fellow colleagues in order to fast track the process of putting this crime to an end.

Sharing the same sentiments, Deputy Minister Higher Education, Mr. Mothepu Mahapa said when LMPS has such skills, crime rate will decrease and Lesotho will attract more investors.He said cybercrime has also resulted in instability in the country due to social networks and fake accounts that are used to destabilise governance and urged LMPS to immediately address such issues.

The Rector of LP,Professor Spirit Tlali, said the ceremony was first of its kind and it has officially formed an alliance between the two institutions, Police and Lerotholi Polytechnic. He mentioned that it is through the support LP is getting from the Police that he is able to face challenges encountered in running the institution. He committed to ensuring that during his tenure, LP will offer degree programmes and become a university. And that he hopes the alliance will facilitate a completion of degree programme for the current graduands.

All speakers appreciated sponsorship received from Nedbank and LNIG.

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  1. Thanks for equipping the LMPS with the skills that will enable them to minimize cyber crime.
    If they can also protect their devices from IoT attacks, we have some exploitable vulnerabilities in law enforcement agencies even today.
    Everyone in this country is extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks.
    through OSINT (open source intelligence) the hacker has the capabilities to get good information about then or can even exploit their devices through bruteforce attacks, unsecured cameras and less configured servers.
    some devices that belong to our country are seen on the IoT (especially windows servers) as vulnerable to eternal blue exploit due to server message block version used and service packs.

    We can talk about many exploitable vulnerabilities in this country for the whole day.

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